2020 Black Celebrity Gossip!!Are celebrities PAID TO Much?The Truth will set you FREE!

Black Celebrity Gossip!!Why are celebrities paid too Much? Are Celebrities good Role models? Celebrities are so out of touch with the real Issues of America!! And We the people Must Change That!!!Are Celebrities Hero’s? No!!! Celebrities are not perfect either!! I am here to give you the real on all these over paid celebrities And Why we Must Wake up!! Are Celebrities happy? Only when It benefits them and NEVER US!! You every wonder how celebrities are spending their time at home? One thing for sure They not Starving or asking for Toliet Paper!! Im here Exposing Rude Celebrities for what they are using our Black People for the own gain!! Join the Movement

Welcome!! TOO Naomi SO CRAZY The female comedian!!This is the GHETTO COMEDY SHOW!! Unwine with Tasha K Secretly Recording Wendy Williams X Husbands? Kevin Hunter? Ice Cube Twitter Rant? Black celebrity gossip?2020 Stimulus Checks Truth? Funny Storytimes? What I am here to do is Give you the Raw and Uncut REACTS to Top Celebrity Stories Breaking News,Politics and Even Your favorite Youtubers.Because we GOTTA Laugh and get through this pain TOGETHER Babyyy. And laugh off some stress.REACT and laugh with me. If you would love to be a part of My new found Family,please Subscribe LIKE COMMENT turn on that notification Bell so you’ll be notified every time I post another GHETTO ass video. So if you’re ready for funny news without further ado let’s get into these GHETTO Ass VIDEOS!!!

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