Royalty Brown Launches The Vitamin C Gummies For Kiddies

Source: Albert L. Ortega / Getty

Put Royalty Brown on your list of kids that may reach the Forbes list, fast. The 6-year-old is already the CEO or her own product line of immune-boosting vitamins and her baby sister Sinatra LA is involved in the family business too!

Nia Guzman’s baby girls just launched “Royalty & Sinatra Kids Vitamin C” available on Royalty’s personal website.

“With all the crazinesss going on, We couldn’t think of a better product to create and share with you guys. We decided to create these tasty vitamin C immune boosting gummies to finish the job.”

Here is Royalty’s adorable Lil sis, Sinatra LA.


According to the baby boss Royalty’s agent, Carissa Rossi, CEO of C Rossi Ent, “Royalty’s growth in the past year has been unbelievable”. Rossi says Nia’s tot has “boss baby work ethic and she treats it as an actual job for her college fund. Miss Royalty is not going anywhere.”

Congratulations Royalty! Cheers to planning for the future while boosting immune systems. Too cute!

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