Family Friend Of Amber Heard Says The Actress Discovered Elon Musk Had Given Her A ‘Bugged’ Tesla – Also Says Johnny And Amber Broke Up Due To Amber’s ‘Violent’ Behavior

A report from The Daily Mail today said Amber Heard believed Elon Musk once gave her a “bugged” Tesla. Her family friend, Jennifer Howell, insisted in a court declaration that Amber discovered she was given a vehicle with a tracking device from the CEO of Tesla.

Her mother, Paige, reportedly told Jennifer Howell about Amber’s paranoid secret this past year. Documents obtained by The Mail featured Jennifer’s statement in which she made the shocking claims.

According to Howell, the mother of the Aquaman actress said Elon was “controlling” over Amber during the course of their reported affair. Howell also explained how Heard’s family believed Johnny Depp, 57, was practically a “saint” or an “angel” compared to the Tesla founder.

Paige also told her the reason why Johnny Depp and Amber broke up is that Amber was “violent and emotional.” She loved Depp so much that she had no self-control over the way she acted toward him. Howell, who employed Amber’s sister, Whitney, says she was shocked by the Tesla-bugging allegations.

As most know, this statement comes at the same time as Johnny Depp‘s court dispute with The Sun, the newspaper from the United Kingdom. Heard’s sister, on the other hand, insisted that Howell’s story was a total lie.

They described them as “complete fiction.” In a statement to The Daily Mail, Whitney and her representatives claimed Jennifer’s comments had no relation to reality at all, and they had no idea why she was making such claims.

Reportedly, Johnny Depp’s three-week-long trial involving the British newspaper just wrapped this week. It featured testimony from many people close to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, including some of his personal friends and employees.


Amber’s family, including her sister, Whitney Henriquez, testified before the court as did her acting coach. Parts of Amber’s journal in which she claimed to be a victim of abuse had been read before the court as well, which Depp’s attornies described as reading more like a “novella” than an accurate depiction of reality.

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