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Published on August 5th, 2020 | by Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson

Kendall Joshua, also known as her stage name “KJTheRevolution”, is a hip-hop artist out of New York that has been making a big wave locally, and growing online in a big way. Joshua’s music has foundations rooted in inspirational tracks backed by refreshingly original instrumentals.

Joshua draws inspiration from a variety of genres including but not limited to disco, pop, electronic, and alternative. The result is a fresh take on classic hip-hop sounds. Her poetic lyricism and original instrumentals lay down the foundation for Joshua to inspire her generation through music.

Evoking emotions from her listeners, Joshua is using her platform to inspire feelings and change in her listeners. Joshua covers topics such as depression and anxiety in her music while also talking about more positive topics like how today’s youth are handling worldly issues quite well. Some of Joshua’s songs that reflect this are “Fire X Ice”, “Aamon’s Lane”, and “I Feel Amazing”. Joshua has thrived off of her music’s relatability and has not only grown as an artist but has been able to become a role model for many of today’s youth as well.

Listen to Kendall Joshua’s music here

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