Gossip Girl Cast: Relationships They Have In Real Life

Gossip Girl Cast: Relationships They Have In Real Life

Do you know the biggest news concerning the Gossip Girl cast? Most of you would be surprised at the relationships they have in real life. The behind-the- scenes of the show is just as dramatic and emotionally gripping as what happens on the TV screen. Did you know that it’s rumored that Jessica Szohr cheated on Ed Westwick? And what about Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl feud with Leighton Meester?

Well, now that the show is getting a revival on HBO Max, we think there’s no better time to revisit the Gossip Girl Cast on the Upper East side of Manhattan and dive into the status, rumors and previous relationship romances between the cast of one of the most acclaimed teenage dramas.

Remember that time when Jenny went full-on Dark Side during the second season of the show? Well… that was not necessarily a creative Gossip Girl decision, but something that happened in real life. Originally, Jenny Humphrey was the definition of “innocence” and that certainly was her role in the midst of the teenage relationship drama, but on Season 2, her character took a dramatic turn and became the annoying goth kid of Gossip Girl.

Well, it turns out that the change occurred thanks to Momsen becoming a punk rock singer but also… a brat on set. Back in 2010, there were several allegations of her becoming a nuisance for the rest of the cast and crew. Slowly but surely, Jenny’s screen time was reduced even though she began as a series regular. Check out this and more as we take a look at the Gossip Girl cast, and the relationships they have in real life!

Time Stamps:

0:21 – Taylor Momsen’s Drama
1:18 – Blake Lively and Penn Badgley
2:20 – Blake Lively and Leighton Meester
3:10 – Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr
3:55 – Leighton Meester’s Love Story
4:52 – Crawford and Westwick’s Bromance

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