8 Celebrity Pets Who Are Rich & Famous!

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We all love our pets right? I for one love my family’s dog more than the next guy, but celebrities really take their love for their pets to another level.

From photoshoots, to private jets, to designated homes, there are some seriously pampered celebrity pets out there.

And if you thought being a celebrity is where it’s at, think again. The life of their pets is literally perfect and far more glamorous than that of the A-List owner. Not a care in the world, zero responsibilities, but all the luxuries they could ever imagine.

Yeah, I’d trade my life in to be a celebrity pet!

Seriously, what’s a person gotta do to be reincarnated as one of Taylor Swift’s cats? That’s the dream honestly.

So we decided to round up 8 of the richest and MOST FAMOUS celebrity pets right here on Listed.

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