CeeLo Green Gets Dragged For Insulting Female Rap Music

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The world is up in arms over the newest song “WAP” from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. They are all about bodily autonomy and women doing what makes them happy. So naturally that makes the menfolk maaaaaad. One such angry man is CeeLo Green who had some thoughts for Far Out magazine.

“A lot of music today is very unfortunate and disappointing on a personal and moral level. There was once a time when we were savvy enough to code certain things. We could express to those it was meant for with the style of language we used. But now music is shameless, it is sheer savagery.”

“It’s problematic, we suffer from it because there are those that have nothing to do with it, but it is assumed of everyone. “Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, they are all more or less doing similar salacious gesturing to kinda get into position. I get it, the independent woman and being in control, the divine femininity and sexual expression. I get it all. It comes at what cost?

You have the ‘Heads of State,’ like Nicki Minaj or someone who is up there in accolade: success, visibility, a platform to influence. Nicki could be effective in so many other constructive ways, but it feels desperate.”

This has the internet pulling up receipts, namely his past accusations of sexual assault:

Cee-Lo was previously accused of sexual assault in 2014, a case that went to a no contest. He subsequently sent out tweets in defense of himself like “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.”

He sent out an apology that said: “Let me 1st praise god for exoneration fairness & freedom! Secondly I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context.

I only intended on a healthy exchange to help heal those who love me from the pain I had already caused from this. Please forgive me as it..

…was your support that got me thru this to begin with. I’d never condone the harm of any women. Thank you.”

He’s getting rightfully roasted to high hell for this. Hit the flip and see…

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