Hip hop and the world

How Hip-Hop Has Given Birth to Different Subcultures and Influenced Music Genres

Hip-hop or Rap music is this kind of music that evolve in the United States during the mid-1970s. Since its evolution numerous celebrities have gained popularity due to this music form which developed into more complex form after 1980s.

With the development of most complex techniques such as scratching and electronic recording, the new hip-hop styles and subgenres start springing up. Hip-hop musicians have been associated with the rock bands and spread out into the genres of conscious hip-hop, jazz-rap and gangsta-rap.

Hip Hop as The Infiltrated Pop Music

During the past few decades, hip-hop has infiltrated pop music characterize both by the words and the gestures conveyed in the rapid and rhythmic form over electronic or instrumental music.
Hip-hop being marked as the African-American culture even flourishes today and is gaining popularity amongst variety of ethnic groups.

Emergence of Hip-Hop Subculture

Emergence of outward expression of the hip-hop subculture is contribution of the black young and adult rappers who tend to rebel against the authorities using graffiti walls, beat-box, break-dance and rap lyrics, as the expression mode.

Sometimes rap lyrics were pre-recorded electronic tracks which were played in the streets to attract masses toward burning political and social issues. The rap lyrics added deeper and more meaningful side to the hip-hop subculture as well.

Hip hop subculture feels that hip-hop has been voice or a message about the feelings of the slow evolving successes of black urban youth in America.

Hip Hop Subcultures’ Main Defining Activities

Hip hop culture has four main defining activities namely disc joking or DJ, break-dancing, graffiti art and rapping.

The earlier form of hip-hop was concentrated on money struggles, drugs, family trials, crime and tribulations within the American cities, modern day hip-hop artists’ creativity is centered more about emotions, success, love, marriage and more.

Rapping as Toasting

Rapping has emerged as the way of communicating narrative to the audience quite similar to toasting, a long established feature of reggae music.

Toasting and rapping is delivered in the African oral tradition in which the DJ or the toaster in the dancehall offers narration of every day events.

Hip hop music has demonstrated global appeal ranging from New Zealand, Japan, Africa, and France to Grand Britain. It has been a medium of alternative expression of materialism, morals, gender politics, dance, art, fashion, language and more.

Hip-hop Culture in Apparels

Lovers of hip-hop music have created apparel expressions compatible to the advances of hip-hop music and reflect their energy and resonance of the urban experience.

Influence on Other Music Styles

B-boy or fly boy are considered two differentiated hip-hop schools out of which one focuses on music and dance, while the other focus on fashion (latter ones).

B-boys derive their designation from break-dance and they specialize in poetic and gravity defined acrobatics and explosive body popping movements.

The B-boy expression cross the sub cultural divide and skateboarders became part of their lifestyle.

During 1980s and early 1990s hip-hop fashion and music gathered importance becoming renowned around the world. It was no longer restricted to black and working class.

World Hip-hop

Hip hop music, which originated in the US, has spread throughout the world and has become the part of mainstream music in different countries. The spread of this music is mingled with the hip-hop culture as its element like break dancing game popularity with their hip-hop artists and groups. Eminem and 2 Pac are two of the best selling hip hop artists. Their best selling ever has made close to 80 million albums sold for each.

Right from New Zealand, Canada, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, to Poland and almost every part of the world, hip-hop artists have gained immense popularity and making notable contribution to the music industry.

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