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With 2019 coming to an end, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some Instagram accounts and photos that, quite frankly, got a LOT more love than we did this year.

Happy holidays you guys, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News and we’re talking about celebs that have hundreds of millions of subscribers. So… who is the most followed person on instagram as we close out this decade? And which photo got the most love? We’ve got the comprehensive list for you!

Beyonce! Mrs. Carter has an impressive 135 million followers and with this esthetic, it’s easy to see why! And while the singer didn’t technically score a one of those top photos this year, we really did love the moment when Queen Bee met real life royalty, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at The Lion King premiere in London. Epic!

Coming right up on Bey’s heels with 137 mil is one of Spain’s most popular athletes, Lionel Messi! This soccer star is serving up goals and adorable family photos on his insta!

In the next two spots, we have the only two Karjenner sisters to crack the prestigious most followed list: Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West. They are neck and neck too with less than a million fans separating them.

Totally worth noting that Kylie held the most liked photo in Instagram history when she announced the birth of Stormi last year, but she was outdone this year… more on that shortly.

However, the reality star still managed to score some major hearts this year with several photos on the top liked list this year including this adorable one of her, Stormi and her ex Travis Scott celebrating the premiere of Avengers Endgame. And this one of Kylie’s met gala mini me. I mean…. Of COURSE this photo racked up more than 12 million likes!

Ok, we wanna take time here to give an honorable mention. Jennifer Aniston joined instagram this year and in a matter of minutes scored TONS of followers! Sadly, her impressive 21 million fans doesn’t hold a candle to the Kardashians of the world, BUT, Jenn did give us one of the true “break the internet” moments of 2019 with her very first post. The one where all the Friends cram into a selfie got more than 15 million likes! Now THATS what we call a debut!

Moving on… We certainly can’t have a most followed list without our girl, and former top spot instagram queen, Selena Gomez. She may not hold the title anymore, but with almost 163 million followers, she’s sitting pretty high on this list. And she’s got quite a few photos that also made the most liked list too. Like this gorgeous photo from the singer’s trip to Italy this year. And this bikini babe celebrating her best friend! Just Look at her now!

Barely edging out Selena is another famous face with a rockin instagram and rockin body… We’re of course talking about Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson. Famed action star, family man, wrestling champ, dog lover, and one of the most followed celebrities on the planet. Seriously, is there anything he CANT do??

Oh, we almost forgot that Dwayne scored one of the most liked photos on instagram this year too when he announced his marriage to Lauren Hashian. These beautiful photos got more than 14 million likes!

Ok, now we’re getting to the tippy top of this list! Ariana Grande is the third most followed celebrity on instagram, and the pop star has a serious moody motiph happening on her account right now. We’re into it. Especially because Baby Yoda made an appearance. That kid is EVERY. WHERE.

Number two is leaving all others in the dust with close to 200 million followers. How does Cristiano Ronaldo do it?? Ok well, being one of the most popular athletes in the world certainly doesn’t hurt… funny enough though, the footballer’s most popular instagram posts are the photos with his adorable fam!

And this brings us to the number one liked photo on instagram — not only for 2019, but in instagram history! Remember, we told you Kylie Jenner and Stormi held last year’s top spot. Well, the now infamous Egg completely smoked the reality star and it’s going to take a LOT to dethrone this King.

Yes, this EGG has more than 53 million likes. How?? Well, the post was meant as a campaign to break the world record for most likes on instagram, and it was successful.

So what did Kylie say when she heard the news? She posted this meme…


Alright guys, were you surprised by any celebs on this list? Let us know in the comment section down below and be sure to subscribe to Clevver News! We’ll be back in 2020 with even more of your fav celeb news!

I’m Emile Ennis Jr! Happy Holidays!

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