How Anik Khan Is Empowering 'Brown America' in Hip-Hop | SEEN | NowThis

Rapper Anik Khan is bringing ‘Brown America’ to the forefront with his Bangladeshi-inspired hip-hop music.
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Presented in partnership with Visible: If Anik Khan isn’t on your radar, you’re behind. This up-and-coming rapper is creating his own lane by mixing his Queens upbringing with his Bangladeshi roots in his hip-hop inspired music.

In Anik’s songs like ‘Habibi,’ ‘YRI,’ and ‘Bix Fax,’ you can hear his South Asian influence while he tackles topics of identity, heritage, and being a Brown dude from Queens. At the end of the day, he’s grateful for the platform he’s been given and happy to trail-blaze for other artists of colors — even when it’s challenging to for marketing execs to understand the importance of his influence.

Learn about what inspired him to dive head first into the world of hip-hop and where he continues to draw inspiration from in this all new episode of SEEN.

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