Brandi Glanville Feels Used By Bravo And Slams RHOBH For Not Being Authentic

Brandi Glanville might have just played herself. After most of the promo and half of the season was focused around her alleged affair with Denise Richards, she’d think she’d be brought back in some capacity on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — but that doesn’t seem to be the situation at hand.

Brandi was recently a guest on Celeb Chat via Instagram where she explained that she felt she was being taken advantage of by the network.

‘I’m just really frustrated at this point. I enjoy doing things with the other women but I feel like the carrot has been dangled for so many years. They call me back for a couple things. I make no money and then they use me the whole season for their PR.’

This, by the way, isn’t completely untrue.

Brandi appeared on multiple episodes when she dropped the bomb that she allegedly hooked up with Denise and was then threatened into silence.

Richards denied er accusations and sent a cease and desist to the cast, network, and Brandi. Fans have pointed out for the last few seasons of RHOBH, they made a mountain out of a molehill.

In addition to not being heavily included in the finale, she also had to film separately for the reunion.

Another issue she addressed was that she feels the Beverly Hills ladies aren’t being themselves unlike some of their counterparts.

‘[RHOA] and [RHONY are] so real because they’re actually drinking and they’re actually going through sh*t and going to jail, fighting with cops. I feel like [the cast of RHOBH] is like, ‘I’m going to pretend to drink alcohol and have my hair and makeup done for $100,000.’ It’s a middle-aged fashion show where everyone is so regimented.’


She went on to say that she feels like they are afraid of the truth because while she was speaking her truth — she was also getting ‘cease and desists left and right.’

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