Gucci Mane Named In Lawsuit Of Club Shooting!!!!

Gucci Mane Named In Lawsuit Of Club Shooting. The Atlanta rapper and his friend were in concert. And, their was a shoot out inside the club.

Will Gucci be made responsible for shooting?

Gucci Mane named in lawsuit of club shooting. During a July performance there was a shooting incident at a club. A 23-year-old woman found herself in the middle of a gun fight. Unfortunately, Mykala Bell was fatally wounded. As well as, Gucci’s security guard Clarence Sterling Johnson.

Also, Atlanta rapper Foogiano’s was performing in the venue. In fact, the shoot out occurred during this performance. Not to mention, that Foogiano was named in the lawsuit. With that said, it appears that both Gucci and Foogiano may be held responsible.

Although, Gucci did not perform at the concert. The lawsuit is suggesting that club goers were not patted down. Be that as it may, Gucci was the promoter of the show. The lawsuit also names the Lavish Lounge’s owners, managers, operators and contractors, as reported by Complex.

Having said this, Bell’s estate alleges that all of the parties mentioned are responsible for Mykala’s death. More important to note, the shooters were alleged gang members. One of the shooters was Kezavion Cooper, age 22, was charged with the fatal shooting.

I think it is not fair to make Gucci responsible. In my opinion, I think the clubs owners should be charged. But you never really know how these kinds of lawsuit will end. At any rate, I will keep you all posted.

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