Bruh Man Talks About The Martin Show!!!

Bruh Man Talks About The Martin Show. The hit 90’s how made many of the actors famous. And, one of my favorites was “Bruh Man.”

Actor Reginald Ballard interview

Bruh Man talks about the Martin show. If you have ever seen Martin’s show, you already know. The character of Bruh Man was hilarious. Every time Bruh man showed up in Martin’s apartment something crazy happened. Especially, because Bruh Man would enter and exit through the window.

In his interview with O’God and SamAnt Bruh Man spilled the beans. The very talented actor has appeared in other roles on television. However, his success with Martin was life changing for him. Reginald talked about how he got the part on Martin.

Also, Reginald mentioned his other famous role on The Bernie Mack Show. Overall, it was a great interview with Hip Hop Uncensored. I really thought he was going to talk about Tisha and Martin’s issues, as reported by Showbiz Cheat Sheet. But instead Reginald focused on his time on the show.

Important to note, was Reginald’s recognition of the late great Bernie Mack. Reginald admitted that he loved working with Bernie. In addition, Reginald really like going to work each day. He always wanted to get to set early.

Another thing, Reginald did not mention anything about the Martin show re-boot. There was some talk of it earlier this year. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it the reboot will happen anytime soon.

Check out the video above for more details

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