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Uma Smashes Her Way Into New Show

The new upcoming show for NBC’s lineup, Smash, is to get a new big name attached to its opening credits.

Uma Thurman, perhaps best known for her roles in Pulp Fiction and The Producers, is set to join the cast of Steven Spielberg’s anticipated musical television show. Spielberg has had limited critical success with his last TV outing, Terra Nova, as it has failed to bring in the ratings needed to support its big budget. Smash looks to be more cost effective, however, and star power like Thurman is sure to bring in a few viewers.

Thurman is to appear in five episodes in the midseason drama, playing a famous and uppity celebrity actress who may or may not want to get in on the fictional action on the show. That in-show musical is based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, and is one of the hot topics of the year within the show’s storyline.

Thurman doesn’t often take small roles on television, choosing instead to focus her career on movies. She does take many supporting roles like this one for Smash, however her last major role to be recognized with an award was in 2002 for Hysterical Blindness.

The internet chatter has already begun to spike with the announcement of Thurman joining the Smash cast, even though it’s just for a small series arc. Her name is appearing more and more within search engines, which helps promote the show in general.

Smash premieres Monday, February 6 on NBC.


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