Tik Tok Colonizer Danielle Cohn Called Out For Swiping Ashanti Song | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media

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Colonizers are always trying to pull a fast one, even when it’s blatantly obvious. A Tik Tok user used a mayo version of Ashanti’s “Foolish” in her video that has gone viral, but didn’t bother to give the former Murder Inc. singer her due credit.

Danielle Cohn, a social media personality, used a cover version of “Foolish” for her Tik Tok video, and even used the notoriety to sell merchandise. All without an inkling of mention of Ashanti beyond a “thanks.” Then she went with the “it’s a cover” jig.

The nerve.

Twitter has taken upon itself to correct the colonizer’s oversight, and drag her for filth in the process. We’re just here for the slander, and commentary.

See some of the most well-deserved hot takes below.



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