Grand Khai Releases Introspective Trunk-Rattler “Chris Brown”

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Emerging singer/songwriter Grand Khai looks to build off his smash collab with Gill Chang (‘Golden’) that garnered praise from The Chainsmokers while elevating his status as a talented up-and-comer to watch.

In today’s oversaturated music market, it’s refreshing to vibe with an authentic artist who pours their heart and soul into creating quality music without chasing streams in a clout-fueled industry.

With “Chris Brown,” Khai reflects on his ever-evolving indie music career with a quick-fire cadence over a trunk-rattling beat that’s sure to give listeners a deeper appreciation for his artistry.

The attention-catching title is inspired by part of the hook, “I got the stick, keep popping sh*t I let it rip/make him hit a f*cking dance move like he was Chris.”

“Chris Brown” arrives after Grand Khai’s debut album “Grand Opening” that dropped in 2018 with a slew of singles released between then and now.

Remembering his past and preparing for the future, Khai sings, “Got no sympathy for simps, remember when we couldn’t make rent/now we about to buy our own Jet.”

This Eastern Pennsylvania native is dynamic with a powerfully authentic voice that shines in his music.

Starting before the age of 10, Khai has performed alongside T.I., Lil Uzi Vert, A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & PNB Rock as well as being co-signed by The Chainsmokers–a Grammy-winning Electro Pop duo who had the longest running #1 hit in 2016.

His unique upbringing and impressive collabs helped him develop a versatile sound that can be felt in everything he puts out into the world.

Stream “Chris Brown” here and follow Grand Khai’s journey to stardom here.

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