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Published on September 9th, 2020 | by Julz Mancini

Written  by: Julz Mancini

Having the ability to appeal to various demographics when it comes to music is not only difficult, but rare to witness. As many artists grow their fan base, it is known from the beginning that targeting a specific audience is crucial to one’s career. Having that knowledge assists in strategically creating content that will enhance one’s engagement with his or her supporters in addition to the ultimate goal; obtaining super fans. As an independent artist it is usually extremely difficult to accomplish this at first. Typically an artist’s first listeners and supporters consist of family and friends. As an artist blossoms people begin to pay attention especially if he or she has a fresh new sound with a twist. BigDawg Chino is a versatile artist who remains aware of what’s popular while simultaneously utilizing the foundation of old school hip-hop.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio BigDawg Chino was exposed to a plethora of traumatic situations that helped mold him into the artist he is today. At an early age, Chino turned to music to escape the harsh realities he faced every day for instance, sleeping on park benches, bus stops, and turning to the street life in an attempt to survive.

It was known by many that BigDawg Chino had a rare talent that quickly placed him in the spotlight. He rapidly grew closer to the rap community in his area where he made a name for himself. Chino began to see light at the end of the tunnel as his support system increased dramatically.  Chino was presented with the opportunity to become part of a music group called Wrecking Squadd. After becoming an asset to Wrecking Squadd, the music group went on to receive offers from major record labels such as, Def Jam and Atlantic Records. Between his childhood and becoming a member of Wrecking Squadd, Chino had obtained a skill set in which he was ready to utilize on his own.

In 2014, Chino transitioned into a solo act. While re-branding, performing, and networking, BigDawg Chino continued to work diligently in the studio. In 2017, he released his first mixtape titled, “The Life I Chose” which focused on his growth as an artist and was released by the indie label Big Dawg Ent. BigDawg Chino then went on to release a second mixtape titled, “Out My Mind”. This mixtape landed him features in, Dirty Glove Bastard, “The Source”, and World Star Hip Hop, to name a few. He has had the privilege to work with platinum producers such as, Bricks Da Mane, Quay Global, Sosa 808, and DJ Millticket. After an out-pour of support BigDawg Chino received with “Out My Mind”, he continued to strive in an effort to climb the ladder in a cut throat industry. His recent single, “Sin City” soared through the scene, taking his career to the next level. “Sin City” received national attention and air play with over 100k streams which continues to rise. The single has gained the support of Joe Atney of Eardrums Records and head A&R of Atlantic Records, Ronald Stewart. It is known by many that the key to getting an artist’s music heard is also placing it in the hands of DJs. Therefore, BigDawg Chino took his single even further by networking with Trunk Beats, Coalition DJs, Heat DJs, Fleet Djs, and DJ KY.

It is apparent that BigDawg Chino is the entire package. Not only does he have talent. He has the business mind, work ethic, marketability, and fan base to make it to the top. As I listened to his music, it was clear that he pours his heart and life experiences into his craft. His song, “R.S.N.” allows the listener to focus on his lyrics as a simple yet effective beat embraces his vocals. During this song, BigDawg Chino’s delivery and word play portray his creativeness and knowledge of the fundamentals of hip-hop. As I continued to listen to his music, I came across the song titled, “Issues”:

Well you been gone way too long

Time to come home

And I’m a man

I realize what I did was wrong.

I miss how we kicked it.

Oh yeah, how I miss it.

If it’s broke, I’mma fix it.

Not only was this song catchy, it was relatable. This song allows the listener to reflect on their personal predicaments when it comes to love, forgiveness, and the trials and tribulations that occur within many relationships.

“Trenches” was another favorite of mine by BigDawg Chino. Think back to those whom you were close to that have passed away unexpectedly. During this song, BigDawg Chino dives in head first, explaining, naming, and grieving the losses he has experienced. “Got some bros that I’m missing. Like the devil came to visit. Ain’t no love in the trenches” are just a few lyrics from this piece. I appreciate and respect BigDawg Chino for putting his blood, sweat, and tears into his music. Many will find comfort and inspiration from BigDawg Chino’s work. I encourage the reader to familiarize themselves with BigDawg Chino and his music, as you will be seeing and hearing much more from him.  Please refer to the links below to engage with this amazing artist.


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