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Coeur à Coeur – Nap Decide (We’re Making Up Our Mind)
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VIDEO: Watch a music video featuring Coeur à Coeur, an enterprising group of boys living at a UNICEF-supported residential care centre in Port-au-Prince. The boys are using hip-hop to inspire their fellow Haitians to rebuild the country in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake. Here they sing ‘We’re Making Up Our Minds,’ a call to action on quake recovery.

Haiti, love, peace, rap master, MC here’s your challenge
We’re making up our mind, so that the country can work properly
Everywhere we go they’re talking about us
Look now, what happened!
We don’t want to unify ourselves so that the country can work properly (two times)
Verse one
You didn’t know me
But this flow I drop
Will let you know me from the foot to the head
And you could even fall down
And that’s when you’ll see I’m a rapper
And You’ll respect me as a Master
And you, violence makers, it’s time to use your conscience
To change the country, and then we stop doing bad things
Second verse
Haitians get up, so that the country can be developed
We have a nice country we’re shaking it a like a curtain,
We have a nice country we’re treating it like trash
The country can produce food
We need to do exploitation but we’re importing instead
Haitians, get up.
Third verse
That’s now they’re making up their minds to take the country where it supposed to be
Hand in hand we have to get up so that Haiti can change
Let’s collaborate together to have the children move forward
Youths Hand in Hand so that Haiti can change
Fourth verse
Sometimes I’m thinking and crying for Haiti
In country, they’re called “pearl of Antilles”
And now it is no more
I’m asking God a chance and when this will be ceased?
Because all I’m in need of, is to see Haiti blooming (grow)
Kidnappers and thieves want to put our country down
And every day (I’m hearing), my brothers and sisters are dying
In this case, this has to change so that Haiti can grow
And when foreign people come they can say, Wow! What a nice little Country
Fifth verse
I have a mentality
That’s having me think
What I need for Haiti
Is to see us enjoying
Stop doing violence so that can restore
Even if they’re talking badly about you
One day things we’ll go back to the Normal (or one day they will not)
Sometimes I’m sad, because we’re too selfish
And we have to protect ourselves to not catch viruses
Haiti don’t worry, a day we’ll succeed.

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