Masika Kalysha Speaks Out After Her Former Landlord Made Comments About Her Returning To The Projects & Alleged That She Held His Home Hostage (Exclusive Details)

Recently David Weintraub was a guest on Brandi Glanville’s podcast “Unfiltered,” where he made some allegations about former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha. During his discussion with Brandi, he alleged that Masika squatted in his home, held his home hostage, and refused to pay her rent. He also alleged that she took appliances from the home once she moved out. David’s comments didn’t sit too well with many people, including when he said, “She has now returned to the streets, she has returned to the projects where she came from.”

Masika has finally broken her silence and responded to David’s allegations in an exclusive statement to The Shade Room.

She said, “I am offended that David Weintraub, a white man who manages and profits from Black talent, would attack me, a Black woman, with the tired racial slur ‘back to the projects.’ I am disturbed that he would include my 4-year-old daughter in his hate-filled tirade. Children are off-limits.”

“David’s demeaning remarks are wrong on many levels. Although I have never lived in the so-called ‘projects,’ his bigotry doesn’t just disparage me. His racist and bigoted rhetoric is abusive and offensive, and his comments disrespect the honest and hardworking people who live in affordable housing, including some of my fans, followers, and audience. David publicly confirmed what I already knew: He is a bigot and a racist, without respect for women, children, his clients, and their supporters.”

Masika’s legal counsel also spoke about the matter and provided a detailed explanation of the living arrangement between Masika and David.

Her legal counsel stated, “David Weintraub’s allegations that Masika Tucker was a ‘squatter’ in his Woodland Hills home or that he ‘gave her the house’ mischaracterizes how Ms. Tucker came into possession of the property.”

The statement continued to say, “On December 20, 2019, Ms. Tucker entered into a purchase contract with Mr. Weintraub and the home’s co-owner Judith Axonovitz, Mr. Weintraub’s mother. Ms. Tucker put her previous home
on the market, which sold on March 17, 2020. Meanwhile, the city, along with the entire country,
went into Covid-19 lockdown, which impacted mortgage lending in general and Ms. Tucker’s
loan in particular.”

Read the full statement from Masika’s Legal Counsel below:

If you missed David Weintraub’s previous comments, check them out below:

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#PressPlay: #MasikaKalysha’s former landlord #DavidWeintraub was a guest on #BrandiGlanville’s podcast where he alleged that she squatted in his home, and also alleged that she stole some appliances once she left. (🎙: @strawhutmedia/ @applepodcasts)—(📸: @gettyimages)

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