Korean hip-hop songs that actually slap [] khip-hop/rap playlist

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Song list:

[0:00] IMJMWDP – (in order) Kid Milli, Young B, Jvcki Wai, Justhis, NO:EL, Giriboy, Osshun Gum, Han Yo Han, Swings, Yunhway, Black Nut

[5:19] Have a Little Fun – Sik-K (ft. DPR LIVE)

[8:40] Nobody – Junoflo (ft. Tiger JK and Black Nine)

[12:40] Challan – Bewhy

[16:03] Boiling Point – Punchnello (ft. Simon Dominic and Tabber)

[19:25] Boong-Boong – Haon (ft. Sik-K)

[23:17] Do You – BTS’ RM

[26:17] 180409 – Justhis, Jvcki Wai, Kid Milli, Young B

[30:14] Maestro – Changmo

[33:55] Pass the Rhyme – Superbee (ft. Dok2 and Changmo)

[37:09] 00 (Double O) – NO:EL

[39:51] Okey Dokey – Mino and Zico


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