Celebrity News Wednesday: Romance fills the air in Korea 문화예술코너 1

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And now it’s time for Celebrity News Wednesday with our Michelle Kim. Hello Michelle.

Hello Conn-young.

So what’s going on in the entertainment world today?

Let’s start with the news from Korea. A wedding and a hot scandal that broke today are the talk of the town today. Let’s take a look.

Singer Jang Yoon-jung and announcer Doh Kyung-wan are set to marry in September.

Jang announced their wedding plans on Monday.

The two met on a talk show in December and have been dating ever since.

Jang said that Doh has supported her whenever she needed help, which made her decide that he was the one.

Jang made her debut in 2003 with the hit song “Uhmuhnah” and has since become the queen of Korean trot music.

Her fiance Doh Kyung-wan is an announcer at KBS .

A hot scandal is making headlines this morning, after the online tabloid Dispatch broke the news that actor Cho In-sung and actress Kim Min-hee are dating.

The report captured pictures of the two on a date this month, saying they’ve been trying to keep the relationship a secret with dates in cars or with friends.

The report said the two have been friends for the past decade, when they worked as models,.. but their relationship has turned to romance over the past four months.

Cho’s hit TV series “Wind Blows in Winter” just finished a successful run and Kim is taking a short break from acting after her latest film, “Temperature of Love,” which is out in theaters now.

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