Father gifted $280,000 after being shot protecting 3 children at car dealer

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A father who was shot while protecting his children from a gunfight at a car dealership in New York City has received not only an outpouring of support but also the outpouring of open wallets according to DailyMail.

Last week, Anthony Jefferson was with his three small children trying to buy his wife a surprise birthday car at On The Road Automotive in the Bronx (the Bronx is crazy as HELL!) when a pair of masked hooligans wearing skinny jeans opened fire inside the showroom.

Jefferson was struck in the thigh and has since lost two jobs because of his injuries. Fortunately, the aforementioned outpouring will significantly help Anthony and his family to recover from such a traumatic incident.

In just 3 short days, the GoFundMe that was set up for him went from $8,400 to $277,855. That money will be used to pay ascendant medical bills and to get the children some much-needed therapy as they all thought they might die that day.

One anonymous benefactor, in particular, was extremely generous dropping a $25,000 bag on Anthony.

“This is every parents worst nightmare and ultimate sacrifice. This man has brought honor to his family and courage to my heart,’ one person wrote.

‘My dearest wish is that his children recover from this traumatizing experience and that the fear in their hearts is replaced with the same courageous spirit of their father. It is my honor to provide what little I have for such a courageous hero and his noble actions.”

No amount of money in the world can fix the physical and mental pain that this family is experiencing right now. God bless and Godspeed. Go HERE if you would like to donate.

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