Happy New Year 2009 Celebrity News Recap/Review and Shout Outs by AHMIR!

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We are Ahmir, glad to be here, we came to sing about the year,
So many things, were happening, you need to know, so here we go,
Dad looks away, boy floats away, everyone pray, that he’s ok,
Wait its a trick, tried to be slick, I cant believe him what a d*ck,
Trying to seek, publicity, using his son, what a pity,
Lets move on to Tiger, homies going through the fire,
Very, very, very, very stupid,
Leaving messages is only proof kid,
Hey Mr Woods you oughtta know, cant put your balls in every hole, (you-ought-to-know)
Hey Mr Woods you oughtta know, cant put your balls in every hole, (you-ought-to-know-this)

Poor John and Kate, poor little eight, how quickly some things can deflate,
Wow Christian Bale, composure fail, what kind of things, do you inhale?
Hey Kanye West, that was the best, way to create, a perfect mess,
Stunned Taylor Swift, caught in the midst, just standing there, so innocent,
Call on your love, Ja-a-a-cob, from twi-i-light, to beat him up,
No more Hennessy Kanye, cuz you’ll make enemies,
If you wanna keep a steady cash flow,
You should work on not being an *sshole,
Speaking of which, wow really Chris, you really made, everyone pissed (wow-real-ly-Chris)
Speaking of which, wow really Chris, you really made, everyone pissed (wow-real-ly-Chris-fail)

We’re gonna miss, the king of pop, but his music, will never stop,
Man in the mirror, Billie Jean, Thriller’s my song eternally,
Hmm, Michael Phelps, caught with a bong, thats better than, him in a thong,
Now shout outs to, all of our peers, who helped Ahmir, ou-out this year,
Lisa Lavie, Stace and Robbie, Angelica, Nick Pitera,
Miley C, thanks Kariem, Brian White, thanks J. Rice,
Alphacat and David Sides are the best, Thanks to Ashton Kutch and Ryan Seacrest,
Thanks Demi L, AJ Rafael, Delaghetto and Mike Kalombo, (thank-you-so-much)
Thanks to D-Pryde, Thanks Debonair, Thanks Chilla Jones, we outta here (thank-you-so-much-peace)

And we can’t forgetttttt, YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Lisa Lavie
Stacy and Robbie
Nick Pitera
Miley Cyrus
Brian White* (see below)
J. Rice
David Sides
Ashton Kutcher* (see below)
Ryan Seacrest* (see below)
Demi Lovato
AJ Rafael
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Mike Kalombo
Chilla Jones
Joe Jonas* (see below)
Adam Young of Owl City* (see below)

*Brian White, Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Seacrest and Adam Young of Owl City did not have verifiable youtube accounts…Also Joe Jonas and Adam Young of Owl City were not written into the song because it was completed by the time their helping us had occurred…


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