Millie Bobby Brown's DRASTIC Transformation In 2019!

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Puberty is wild. Most of us don’t want it until it happens, and then we thank our lucky stars for it. Usually, though, people have to go through an awkward stage. But some lucky people get to skip that phase altogether. What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and I just want to take a moment to appreciate the year that Millie Bobby Brown has had. Because on top of continuing to steal the show on Stranger Things, Millie has had a momentous year full of ups, downs, and dramatic changes.She was almost unrecognizable for a moment there back in September when she showed off her dramatic hair transformation. Or two of them, rather. Right before heading to London for the launch party of her skincare line “Florence by Mills”, Millie took a mini-vacation in Miami.But while she was there, she didn’t do what most teenagers would do when they got a couple free days in Miami.She took the time to get her hair done at not one but TWO world famous salons.The first salon, Dafne Evangelista Beauty Lounge posted three instagrams of Millie with super long extensions and blonde highlightsAnd it looks like Millie enjoyed the cut too. Millie is smiling ear to ear, which is why I was surprised that she went to another salon to undo the whole ‘do.Later, She stopped by YSV Salon for, uh, a drastically different look. They revealed her look – sans-extensions and dyed a wheat blonde – on their instagram as well.But why two looks in one day? Well, I’m not so sure that one of these wasn’t a hashtag Latergram. I mean, she’s in two completely different outfits AND different jewelery. And I know it’s Miami and all that, but not sure she would do an outfit change to go to a different salon? Also, pretty sure highlights and extensions and dying your hair all take a lot of time. So not sure that Millie would have had time to do both of these in one day. However; she did pull off both of these looks in one YEAR. But just because she tried some new stuff this year doesn’t mean she wouldn’t go back to her old ways.On an Instagram live she did back in July, she told us she might just get rid of the whole thing! If you watch the series, or even if you’ve never seen an episode, you know that Millie has had a shaved head and even a short bob for most of her career. I mean, remember when they just find Eleven in season 1? Millie isn’t wearing a bald cap – she really shaved her head to play the role.So what’s her look like now? Well, yesterday she posted this video of her hair- which is getting pretty long – in a tight bun.Stranger Things. BUT season 4 was recently renewed by Netflix – so they certainly aren’t about to start filming just yet.In the meantime, she’s been busy with other projects. She starred in Godzilla: King of the Monsters this year. And she’s already slated to appear in the sequel – Godzilla vs. Kong sometime in 2020.According to her IMDB, she’s also going to play the titular role in another 2020 movie “Enola Holmes”. She was also recently announced to be in another upcoming movie, called “The Thing About Jellyfish”.Earlier this year she was also rumored to be in an upcoming Marvel movie. I mean, 2 Godzilla movies is definitely a good resume booster if she’s TRYING to get in a Marvel movie sometime in the future. And going from the silent Stranger Things hero to a full fledged Marvel hero is quite the transformationBut Marvel or not, Millie is certainly raking in the dough.It was announced recently that she, along with David Harbour, and Winona Ryder are the top billed stars on Stranger Things.They each cash in $350,000 for every episode of Stranger Things that they make.Which explains why she can potentially go get her hair done twice in 2 days. And all that spon con money helps too. Like remember when Millie got into that mini scandal when people realized she wasn’t actually using the skincare products that she was selling on her instagram?In the video that has since been taken off her feed, Millie explains her skin care routine while taking off her makeup. She uses a wipe, but never actually touches her face with it. And there was some backlash that came to her video.But at the end of the day, she was probably just doing this video in between jobs. She probably had somewhere to go and something to do after it, and didnt have the time to actually take off her makeup.So let’s all take a step back from cancelling a 15 year old girl for this one! I for one am excited to see what Millie does next year.What about you guys? What do you think will come of her career? What would you like to see from her next year? Let me know in the comments below.

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