Debbie Allen On TV One’s “UNCENSORED”

Another day, another exciting episode of TV One’s original auto-biographical series “UNCENSORED.” We’re giving you an inside look as part of the weekly digital series, Bossip UNCENSORED hosted by Danielle Canada, Deputy Editor of, and Janeé Bolden, Senior Content Director of Pop Culture For iOne Digital.


Debbie Allen’s storied career is being profiled on the latest episode of the TV One series. Viewers will learn all about how the luminary got her first big break as a dancer, choreographer, and director, all about her relationship with her older sister, THEE Phylicia Rashad, and the compelling reason why she has dedicated her life to teaching dance and the arts to youth from across the world.

Debbie Allen


Also featured will be a section highlighting the impact of “A Different World” and Debbie’s work turning it into a cultural phenomenon and ultimately a love-story to HBCU culture. According to Danielle Canada, a Hampton grad, she was especially excited to see the iconic actress speak on the iconic series.

Janeé added that she was especially touched to see Debbie’s career as a director and producer spotlighted.

“I think that role she’s played has gone so far,” said Janeé. “I think a lot of of people miss the fact that Debbie Allen was critical to the making of “Amistad”, I think people miss the fact that Debbie Allen is one of the first female directors to make her mark in Hollywood and that she continues to en encourage other women as directors. She even explains some of the people who ended up directing for “Grey’s Anatomy.” I could not be more inspired by Debbie Allen,” added Janeé who also dubbed Debbie “the prototype.”

Other aspects highlighted include Debbie’s beginnings going from Houston, Texas to Mexico to Howard University where she graduated cum laude. She’d later branch into film and television and garner three Emmy Awards for her role as a no-nonsense dance instructor in “Fame” before launching her historic Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Viewers will be excited to learn that Debbie is who we can thank for one of the world’s biggest power couples; Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Tune in to Debbie Allen’s “UNCENSORED” episode this Sunday, October 4 at 10 P.M. ET/9C followed by an encore presentation at 11 P.M. ET/10C. The episode will re-air on Wednesday, October 7 at 10 PM/9C.

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