TOP 10 Celebrities Who Gave Birth After 45 | ⭐OSSA

TOP 10 Celebrities Who Gave Birth After 45 | ⭐OSSA

Find out what celebrities gave birth after 45 in our video! Surprising facts about celebrity kids and their moms. Top 10 celeb mom who gave birth after 45. Watch the video to get more cool facts about celebrity children born after 45.

00:25 – Marcia Cross cannot imagine her life without her 8-year-old twins, Eden and Savannah, who were born right before their mom’s 45th birthday. Find out more about Marcia Cross twins.
01:39 – Iman Abdulmajid first gave birth in 2000. Iman David Bowie second baby was born, when she turned 45. Find out more facts here.
02:48 – Kenya Moore is 47, and this is her firstborn! Here are more facts about Kenya Moore baby and the celeb mom from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
03:45 – Kelly Preston and John Travolta lost their son when he was 17. But Kelly Preston got pregnant again when she was 47.
04:30 – Jane Kaczmarek had 3 babies during her 40’s. What is Jane Kaczmarek age now?
05:35 – Halle Berry pregnancy at 47 shocked even herself. Get more facts about Halle Berry kids here.
06:54 – Rachel Weisz gave birth when she was 48. More cool facts about Rachel Weisz baby.
07:49 – If you can’t imagine that some women decide to have a child after their 40s, look at Beverly D’Angelo.
08:58 – Janet Jackson was to have her first child at the age of 50! Find out more about Janet Jackson baby in our video.
10:19 – Brigitte Nielsen gave birth to her fifth child and only daughter Frida, a month before her 55th birthday! Watch the video to find out more about Brigitte Nielsen baby.

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