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George Clooney bio was all about a successful bachelor life until he met the woman of his life. The love story of the actor George Clooney and his gorgeous wife Amal Alamuddin is a real Hollywood fairytale. Recently the world has welcomed George Clooney twins. It looks like now George Clooney`s wife together with her husband seem to be happier than ever. Who would ever guess that there will be George Clooney kids and especially twins?! We hope to hear more news about George Clooney children because for now George Clooney and Amal are extremely private about Amal-Clooney babies. Amal Clooney’s bio was more about hard work and world`s peace but now, seems that George Clooney and his wife truly complimented each other lives with wonderful George Clooney and Amal twins. Amal Clooney kids must be the happiest kids ever since they have such caring and prosperous parents. We wish Amal Clooney and George Clooney to stay as charming as they are and share more cute stories about Amal Clooney children.

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