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Published on October 4th, 2020 | by Darren Paltrowitz

Shred RACERS ONLINE is a concert series that started over the summer, which regularly hosts a special live performance where guitar aficionados can enjoy “super plays” by Japanese guitarists with outstanding techniques. From the original songs of each artist to the covers of guitar classics, as well as a jam session by the participating artists, the “ultimate shred battle” will be delivered live from Tokyo to the homes of viewers. Something for guitar-admirers of all ages, to say the least.

On September 26, 2020, the special livestream event Shred RACERS ONLINE F2 — an epic shred battle presented by Japanese magazine YOUNG GUITAR and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting — took place. Li-sa-X, SAKI (Mary’s Blood, NEMOPHILA), and Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY) performed live alongside guest vocalists Fuki from Unlucky Morpheus and Kotono and Minami of IRONBUNNY.

The aforemneitoned Ediee Ironbunny is a cyborg guitarist who has — reportedly — traveled to present day from the year 2300. After rock and distortion had disappeared from the world in his time, he is said to have traveled back to the present day to restore the glory of rock and change history. His cyborg body was altered to withstand the pressure of time traveling; he is said only to retail the parts of his human body that connect with musical instruments, like his fingertips. In November 2018, Eddie appeared at the NAMM Show 2019 in California and made his name known to the world. In March the same year, he invited three female vocalists to form the rock unit IRONBUNNY. They later released the EP Iron Hummer Alternative, which featured classic hard rock accented with modern-day phrasing.

I had the pleasure of conducting Q&A over e-mail with Ediee Ironbunny himself, as printed below. More on Ediee Ironbunny can be found online via his official website: www.ironbunny.jp/en.

You are, of course, a cyborg guitarist who’s traveled back to our time from the year 2300. Are people still listening to rock music in 2300?

Ediee Ironbunny: I don’t want to talk about the future here because it would take away from the enjoyment of everyone’s life. But you can imagine what the future could be like if each one of us were to pass on the joy of rock ‘n’ roll in our lives now and in the lives of our children. Rock and roll!

Your cyborg body was altered to withstand the pressure of time traveling. What sorts of warm-ups do you do before performing live?

Ediee Ironbunny: Remove the dust from the wires to prevent them from shorting out. Rock and roll!

You appeared at the NAMM Show 2019 in California. Was that your first time visiting the U.S.?

Ediee Ironbunny: It was my first time going to the United States of America in the 21st century. Rock and roll!

Understandably you are from the year 2300, but who were the guitarists from the 20th and 21st centuries do you find most inspiring? Is Eddie Van Halen one of them?

Ediee Ironbunny: That’s just Eddie Van Halen. When they turned me into a cyborg, I lost my entire memory. I even lost my name. So I needed a new name, and I borrowed it from one of my most beloved guitar players, Eddie Van Halen. I did spell it wrong, however. Rock and roll!

You will be part of the Shred RACERS Online F2 event this month. What should be expected from IRONBUNNY?

Ediee Ironbunny: It was fun to do some of my own original songs, but also to cover some of the Western and Japanese music I wanted to try. Rock and roll!

Besides Shred RACERS Online F2, what will you be working on?

Ediee Ironbunny: I used a lot of power in Shred RACERS ONLINE, so I’m going to go home and recharge it at the outlet. Rock and roll!

Do you have a favorite album of 2020?

Ediee Ironbunny: Come to think of it, I’ve often listened to the song “RAITEI” by NEMOPHILA, the band that SAKI appeared on Shred RACERS ONLINE F2 with. Rock and roll!

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Ediee Ironbunny: I think it’s rare to see a show with technical guitar players like Shred RACERS in Japan. First of all, I’d like to thank all the fans around the world for watching us. And I know it’s a tough time in the world, but let’s shout it loud in our masks! Rock and roll!

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