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Tom Selleck is now the star of the CBS show Blue Bloods! Did you know that Tom Selleck career ruined his family life? Turns out that Magnum Pi life wasn’t that shiny after all! Find out why Tom Selleck marriage was torn apart in our video. celebrities
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What made Tom Selleck wife, leave the great Magnum P.I. at the top of his career? Selleck is now the star of the CBS show Blue Bloods but who was Tom Selleck as Magnum Pi back in the days? The whole Tom Selleck and family drama revealed in the video. Get all intriguing details about Tom Selleck and his wife here. We will tell you the love story of Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack. Tom Selleck Magnum pi role was iconic. But where is Tom Selleck now? Is Tom Selleck married? Who is Tom Selleck spouse now? This and more and more you will learn about Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck in our video! Get the fresh Tom Selleck news. We prepared Tom Selleck wife pic to find out more about Tom Selleck 2018 life. The secrets of Tom Selleck married life, hiding behind Tom Selleck Magnum character. The facts about Tom Selleck daughter are also waiting for you! Find out more about Tom Selleck actor path with us!

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