Jim Carrey Brings The House Down In His “Saturday Night Live” Debut As Joe Biden

Roommates, Jim Carrey, Maya Rudolph and Alec Baldwin were in top form last night on the season premiere on NBC’s long-running sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” Jim Carrey finally made his debut as current presidential candidate Joe Biden, while Rudolph and Baldwin returned as Kamala Harris and Donald Trump.

The moment that have fans have been waiting for, ever since it was announced that the legendary Jim Carrey would be portraying Joe Biden, finally arrived. “Saturday Night Live” returned for its 46th season and they wasted no time tackling the recent presidential debate in the show’s opening.

Jim Carrey’s take on Biden walked out on the debate stage in dark-tinted aviator sunglasses, mugging for the crowd by adjusting his tie and offering finger guns. He then pulled out a tape measure to check the distance between the podiums and pull his back a few inches as needed.

When asked if he was ready to debate, Carrey’s Biden said, “absolutely not” but he did have “the beginnings of 46 fantastic ideas I may or may not have access to.”The debate began with the topic of the Supreme Court, with Alec Baldwin’s Trump starting things off by instead just listing complaints, such as, “People are mean to me. Joe here is very mean; Chris Wallace is mean; the economy is mean — it keeps losing jobs, which is mean, to me. And the China virus has been very mean to me in being a hoax. And that statement will probably come back to haunt me later this week.”

When it was Carrey’s Biden’s turn to answer the same question, Baldwin’s Trump interrupted him immediately, to which Carrey’s Biden responded, “No, don’t let your inner Whitey Bulger come out. Just flash them all that smile the taught you in anger management.” On the topic of Trump’s taxes, Baldwin said, “The terms ‘law’ and ‘order’ are very vague terms, and rules are meant to be broken. It’s the same with masks. I’ve got mine right here in my pocket.” (He then pulled out a thong.) “You don’t need one all the time. It’s like a seatbelt: You just wear it when you’re backing out of the driveway and then you can take it off.”

Rudolph’s Harris showed up after Baldwin’s Trump started using a laser pointer on Carrey’s Biden (which he claimed it was “a wand that curs the COVID.”) She told Baldwin’s Trump “my Joe” is a “nice boy” and needed an apology. She actually got him to apologize and then said, “I think if there’s one thing we learned tonight, it’s that America needs a WAP: woman as president. But for now, I’ll settle for HVPIC: hot vice president in charge.”

The end of the sketch came back around on COVID, though. Carrey’s Biden literally took out a television remote and paused Baldwin’s Trump mid-word in order to talk directly to the American people.

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