Malla | V. Ravichandran, Priyanka, Tejasri | Kannada Full Film

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It is the story of Malla (Ravichandran), a flower seller, the most wanted good samaritan in the village. Hanuma (Mohan) gives him support. He fights against thugs involved in arrack making. Their attempts to eliminate him end in failure.
Meanwhile, Priya (Priyanka), who arrives from abroad, picks up a fight with Malla. But the intelligent Malla is unperturbed by her tantrums. At last, she falls for him and marries him ignoring her brothers’ hatred for him.
Later, Priya’s brothers confront Malla when he is taking her to hospital for delivery. She delivers a baby boy while he is fighting with her brothers. Her elder brother grabs the baby and asks her to chose between her husband and baby. Malla sacrifices himself for the sake of his son saying that his son would follow his footsteps and would complete his task. But, the villains make his son Shiva (Ravichandran) a partner in all their crime. They hide the fact that he is Malla’s son. The film thereon goes on expected lines.

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