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Published on October 8th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby

Mount Gay, the world’s oldest running rum distillery dating back to 1703,  unveils the Master Blender Collection: The Port Cask Expression, the third limited-edition in the exclusive series that celebrates over 300 years of expertise. Created by the Distillery’s first female  Master Blender, Trudiann Branker, Port Cask pushes the boundaries of rum-making by incorporating the use of Tawny Port casks for the first time in Mount Gay’s history. The result, a beautiful complex blend that is in line with the signature Mount Gay Rum profile, but with a twist with cherry, dried fruit, oak,  prune, and almond on the palate.


Located in Barbados, the birthplace of rum, Mount Gay has refined the delicate art of blending rich and flavorful rums for over three centuries and continues to enhance its distinctive portfolio, including the recent relaunch of the signature Black Barrel and XO blends. The Master Blender Collection, which showcases the brand’s passion for innovation, debuted in 2018 with XO: The Peat Smoke Expression created by former Master Blender Allen Smith. In 2019, the award-winning Pot Still Rum was unveiled as  Trudiann Branker’s first release as the new Master Blender.


“For this expression, I wanted to take our rum making to another level and utilize a cask that we don’t typically work with at Mount Gay, while still remaining true to over 300 years of brand heritage,” stated  Trudiann Branker, Master Blender. “After trying different casks and evaluating the resulting flavors, I  selected Tawny Port casks for the bold expression of notes typically found in Port. I am thrilled to  release this rich and multi-faceted rum, as well as create something unique and different as part of the  Master Blender Collection.” 

For this small-batch release, Trudiann Branker found Tawny Port casks to be the most interesting; the  Tawny Port marrying harmoniously with rum imparting flavors of almond and red fruit. To create the unique expression, Branker used a blend of rums distilled in a traditional column still aged for five years in Tawny Port casks, together with rums double distilled in a copper pot still aged for 14 years in American whiskey casks and finished in Tawny Port casks for one year. 

The result is a rich and multi-faceted profile, unveiling different aromas with every sip. It is best enjoyed neat, slightly chilled with a piece of dark chocolate.  

Tasting Notes: 

  • Aroma: vanilla, caramel, almond, dried fruit 
  • Appearance: amber with tawny hues 
  • Palate: cherry, dried fruit, oak, spice, prune, currents, almond 

Bottled at cask strength (55% abv), Mount Gay: The Port Cask Expression is non-chill filtered in order to preserve its rich aromas and precious natural color. It will be limited to 2,100 750ml bottles in the USA and became available for presale starting September 29, 2020, on and then nationwide at select premium retailers for $175 RSP. 

For more information, visit or follow them at @MountGayRum on Facebook and  @MountGayRumUS on Instagram


About Mount Gay: 

A legal deed dated from February 20, 1703, confirms the existence of a “pot still house” on Mount Gay’s sugar cane Estate in Barbados, establishing Mount Gay as the world’s oldest rum producer. Our distillery name honors the pioneering Sir John Gay who perfected the distinctive Mount Gay style. Still, today, only the finest sugar cane molasses and pure water filtered through the coral heart of the island are selected to create Mount Gay rums. Perpetuating a long-standing Barbadian tradition for more than 315 years,  Mount Gay rums are handcrafted from a blend of single column and double copper pot distillates and matured in toasted oak barrels, delivering aromatic, flavorful taste, body, and refined character. 

The Mount Gay portfolio includes Eclipse, Black Barrel, XO and 1703. Mount Gay is owned by Rémy Cointreau SA. 

© Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Mount Gay Rum © 

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