Beat Street

Widely considered the most influential hip-hop movie of all time, this “gritty, streetwise musical” (LA Herald-Examiner) features a who’s who of the movement’s early stars Kool DJ Herc, Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh, Afrika Bambaataa and Melle Melas well as the famous Rocky Steady Crew vs. New York City Breakers battle at the Roxy. Uniting the four elements of hip-hop break dancing, DJ-ing, MC-ing and graffiti into an unforgettable experience, Beat Street is a true classic, packed with sharp lyrics, powerful moves and the flashiest dance sets the screen has ever seen! When rapper-DJ Kenny (Guy Davis) meets cultured jazz artist Tracy (Rae Dawn Chong), he is so inspired by her dedication that he vows to use his talents to escape the ghetto. But when his friend, a gifted graffiti artist, is killed in a tragic accident, Kenny comes face to face with the high price of artistic passion.


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