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Published on October 12th, 2020 | by Julz Mancini

Written by: Julz Mancini

Being a female in the music industry is one of the most difficult positions to be in. A perfect balance of sexy, talent, thick skin, and a strong personality is a necessity to ensure success. I reiterate in many of my articles that marketability is a crucial component in what sets the artist apart from others. A female artist has to attract people with her sex appeal while simultaneously engaging them with resonance. Many women in this industry struggle to create an image and brand that charms people of multiple demographics.  Wilai is a female artist that has proven she deserves the spot light by doing so. Growing up in Bangkok, Thailand, she combines her native sound with a New York hip-hop flavor. By doing this, she has created her own, unique style which has sparked the interest of many.

Now residing in New York, Wilai has hit the music scene by surprise. Standing out from the rest, she embraces her roots, opening up her world to listeners far and wide. Due to her distinctive presence, Wilai has been able to create music with other artists in London, Bangkok, and New York, to name a few. She had her heart set on developing a project titled, “Isara”, inspired by the Thai term meaning “freedom”. During the creation of her project, “Isara” came to life as Wilai’s lyrics escaped from her mouth into the mic. She experienced a deep sense of sovereignty.

A soft tone combined with fearless lyrics in which displays sex appeal, a witty tongue, and raw emotion, Wilai presents an open invitation to her audience. As I listened to her album, “Isara”, I couldn’t help but think of Jhene Aiko, a prominent and talented celebrity whom stands out from many other artists. Wilai sings softly and rapidly at times, giving the impression that she is speaking to her listeners, similar to Jhene Aiko. This allowed me to relate to her lyrics on another level.

The song, “I Got You”, has a nice ring to it; catchy and melodic

“Flying coast to coast, red eye slow, high up in the sky. If you know, you know. If not, can’t f*ck with what I’m on the rise. Baby watch your stars align. Yeah, they saying it’s my time. Ain’t seen nothing yet. Young and free balling in my prime.”

This track was the initial song to catch my attention.  Wilai lures in the listener by listing her attributes in addition to her fate as a success. Diamonds, money, and other luxuries are mentioned as she sings, “Getting what you give. Wanting some of this. Luxury can’t afford, baby you could wish. Diamonds on my wrist. Gold up in my grill. All this money flowing in, b*tch I keep it real”.  As I sit here, listening and typing away, I am also singing along to this track. This is something I could hear other women chanting; certainly a woman’s anthem.

Another song that caught my attention is titled, “Personal”.  The catchy chorus along with the production gives the track a pop vibe. Wilai explains that she is seeking a casual situation while conveying that the man pursuing her is too serious and is putting too much pressure on her. In today’s society, women have become more powerful than ever, knowing what they want while being fearless in expressing it. Wilai is a prime example of a strong, independent, and outspoken woman.

I encourage the reader to stream Wilai’s new project, “Isara”, in hopes that it will assist you in speaking your truth without hesitation. Sexy, confident, self-reliant, and raw are all adjectives that best describe the album. While you listen to “Isara” remember these words, as I am sure you will feel the same. The only obstacles that exist are the ones we allow to exist. The sky is the limit for this artist as it is obvious she will persevere and obtain the success she has worked so diligently for.

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