Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” Is Officially Coming To Vinyl For The Holidays

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Beyoncé and her groundbreaking Homecoming performance at Coachella was by far one of the biggest pop culture moments in recent years. A year after the performance, she released her first Netflix special giving us a look at the behind-the-scenes process it took to pull off such a massive production.

In the documentary, we got to see how many weeks, days, and hours it took to come together. We even learned about Beyoncé’s diet to get in shape that left many of us to appreciate her dedication even more. Over the two weekends, Bey dominated the stage dawning pink and yellow outfits and the merchandise sold out, never to return again. This left fans dying for more from the experience and this Christmas, they’ll get their chance.

Beyoncé’s Homecoming is coming to vinyl this December with a few extra incentives for fans to purchase. The 4 Disc LP set will be released on December 4–Jay Z’s birthday–just in time for the holidays and will include a 52-page booklet as well. No word on the quantities for the vinyl release, but if you’re interested in buying the 4 disc set, you probably need to head over to her official site as fast as possible and pre-order before it’s too late.

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