3xBravo Bears His Soul Scars On Deeply Personal New Single “Die Young”

19-year-old Atlanta native 3xBravo is buzzing with soul-bearing new track “Die Young” that taps into genuine emotion, heartbreak and pain stemming from cruel realities as a young Black man in America.

“A couple of friends who I really loved lost their lives at very young ages,” he sighs. “When I was younger, I didn’t think I could die young. Now, I know it’s possible. It’s scary.”

It’s his blend of raw emotion and real observations that elevated him into his own lane where he’s amassed nearly 10 million streams independently and attracted a fervent following.

Peep the “Die Young” video below:

Born with clubfoot, Bravo endured fourteen painful surgeries, casts, and braces. Worst of all, he could never play sports properly despite his immense passion.

But that never stopped his drive to win.

“I still had to find a way to make it happen no matter what,” he says.

Inspired by everyone from Meek Mill to Lil Durk, he started creating music of his own in ninth grade.

After making his debut with “Lambo” in 2016, his mom helped him build a home studio where he recorded at a feverish pace. In order to focus on music, he quit his high school job at Sky Zone.

“My mom was so mad,” he smiles. “I just stopped going and didn’t tell anybody. I could devote more time to music, so that’s when I started to popping off for real.”

Fast forward to 2020 and he’s emerging as a talented new artist to watch.

“I just want everybody to feel a release. Hopefully, if they relate to the music, it can help them. I put the pain in my voice, so they can feel lit.”

With his UnitedMasters debut on the horizon, he’s ready to share himself with the world.

“Music is my diary,” he affirms. “I share what I’m thinking and going through. Sometimes, I’ll talk about my dreams or things I want. Where I’m from, nobody is doing what I am. I’m not trying to be like everyone else though. I’m just being myself.”

Stream “Die Young” here and follow his journey to stardom here.

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