Young Hollywood Star Lindsay Lohan | Idol Gossip | Episode 13

“Episode 13
Celebrity Fashion
Lindsay Lohan
Family Relationships
Swearing Recluses Holl Ywood Weddings Kylie Minogue
The Golden Globes Provided Ample Opportunity To Pick The Best And Worst Dressed Celebrities. A Look At The Young Hollywood Starlet’s Rise To The Top. A Look At The Volitile Relationship Between Angelina Jolie And Her Father Jon Voight, And Between Sisters Ashley & Wynnona Judd. A Look At Madonna, Billy Connelly, Ozzy Osbourne & His Offsprings Use Of Foul Language. Howard Hughes, & Greta Garbo Are Just Some Of The Celebrities That Were Known As Being Reclusive. Zsa Zsa Gabors Marriage Lasted 1 Day, While Britneys Spears Lasted Just 48 Hours. A Look At The Career Of Australian Pop Princess Kylie Minogue.

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