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From NEW Studio Album Love Is An Art

“Stunning” – Billboard

“Carlton still writes about love in a way that cuts through the noise.”​ – ​Paper Magazine

“Vanessa Carlton has refined her voice as a songwriter… and it’s turning heads.” –​ ​Rolling Stone

“Love Is An Art is an atmospheric, sometimes lightly psychedelic, art rock-leaning album and it’s the most musically adventurous thing Vanessa has released yet.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Full of gorgeously melancholic ballads and reverb-soaked vocals.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Vanessa Carlton Fulfills Her Artistic Purpose with Career Pinnacle ‘Love Is An Art’” – Albumism

“Vanessa Carlton is a formidable artist.” – Variety

“It’s time we give her the credit she’s earned.” – Paste

“Forget the Vanessa Carlton you used to know.” – NYLON


October 23, 2020 – Vanessa Carlton unveils the politically charged music video for her song “Die, Dinosaur” and how it is time to VOTE OUT the old guard. The track is off her latest album Love Is An Art produced by Dave Fridmann (MGMT, Flaming Lips).


This song is about young people patiently awaiting the death of the dinosaurs in power. It’s about seeing the “way of the world” as fundamentally wrong, oppressive and therefore, completely irrelevant. Young people will not participate in the societal contracts that they clearly see as wrong. The song was inspired by young leaders who are unafraid to challenge the archaic, tone deaf, sexist, and white supremacist ideology in power. This song is for the brave voices who prophesize the inevitable crumbling, falling of the white man who cannot listen, cannot change. He is the “man in the weather changing.” Vanessa Carlton


Love Is An Art explores the eternal seesaw that is human connection: the push, the pull, the balance, the bottoming out. It’s that constantly evolving nature of love, expectations and compassion that Carlton analyzes from all angles on Love Is An Art, from romantic, to parental, to the friends that hold us up and the leaders that repeatedly let us down.

True to Carlton’s skill as both a lyricist and an instrumentalist, the arrangements on Love Is An Art tell these tales as vibrantly as the words themselves: piano parts that speak of rage and tenderness, synths that burst and glow like dawn.

Carlton has constantly challenged both herself and the expectations that surround her throughout her lengthy, accomplished career: she attended both the School of American Ballet and Columbia University, and was discovered as a singer-songwriter/pianist when a cassette tape demo was given to legendary music impresario Ahmet Ertegun. With her debut single “A Thousand Miles” Carlton soared to the top of the ​Billboard​ charts and garnered multiple Grammy nominations, though that song is only a small fraction of the body of work and artistic identity she’s developed since then, ever evolving and growing as a performer and songwriter. In the summer of 2019, she pushed that even further, making her Broadway debut as Carole King in ​Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

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Love Is An Art

1. I Can’t Stay The Same

2. Companion Star

3. I Know You Don’t Mean It

4. Die, Dinosaur

5. Love Is An Art

6. Future Pain

7. Back To Life

8. ​Patience

9. The Only Way To Love

10. Salesman

11. Miner’s Canary

credit: Alysse Gafkjen


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