Pettiest Reactions To Everybody & Their Mama Flocking To TULUM, Mexico

By now, you’ve probably seen someone living their best pandemic life in paradise on a resort, beach or excursion in Tulum, Mexico where everybodyyyyy and their mama has been traveling for the past several months.

The stunning tourist destination is one of very few places Americans can travel during the surging pandemic that’s shut down flights from the states to popular international travel destinations.

Once word got out that Tulum was wide open and perfect for Instagram content, Americans (who may or may not have been tested) flooded the destination for fun in the sun without any pandemic stress.

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Located nearly two hours south of Cancun by car (rental cars, shuttles and taxis all go there from Cancun airport), the gorgeous destination is located between the Mayan Jungle and the Caribbean Sea that mostly attracted backpackers and adventurers before the influencers, thrill-seekers and sun-starved vacationers poured in.

Over the years, famous A-listers have flocked to Tulum for lavish vacays away from the bright lights and bustle of Hollyweird to enjoy eco-conscious activities like bike-riding, sight-seeing and yoga.

Some hotels can go for up to $4,000 a night, and one of its most popular draws, Amansala Resort‘s Bikini Boot Camp, can cost up to $4,000 per person for the week but there also many affordable packages flooding into town (and reportedly ballooning the COVID numbers).

How do you feel about everybody flocking to Tulum during a pandemic? Are you plotting on a Tulum vacay? Tell us in the comments and peep the pettiest reactions to the Tulum boom on the flip.

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