Quickie – Cuttin Up Interviews Shynieka Taylor

Quickie video of the Cuttin Up crew interviewing the entertaining Shynieka Taylor. Watch the entire season 1 : episode 4 show for the full interview because Shy Said So.

Cuttin’Up Talk Show is hosted by Dominic Santana, Wavyy Jonez, Lady SDOT Lee, and Rob Covington. The show brings together four high level talented hosts that forge a dynamic not currently offered on any platform. Created and moderated by actor/producer Dominic Santana, Cuttin Up offers the world a refreshing combination of multiple facets that make any talk show great. Cuttin Up is taped in a high-quality broadcast format like most network talk shows with the setup of a refined syndicated radio show or podcast. It covers a wide range of topics from national news to the latest celebrity gossip. The hosts are unhinged and uncensored, unlike most platforms, so they are able to deliver impactful, raw, and real perspectives on the topic of the day in a way that most anyone can relate to and enjoy.

Dominic Santana is an actor, writer, & producer who is best known for his portrayal of Suge Knight in “All Eyes On Me”, the Tupac Shakur story & “Unsolved” The Murder of Tupac & Biggie Smalls.

After delivering a strong performance in his first small role in 20 Funerals, Dominic went on to roles in “Dead Heist” (2006), “Furnace” (2007), The CW’s “One Tree Hill”, and BET’s “Love For Sale”. As a fan favorite, he was cast in more shows and films like Whitaker Bay, Palmetto Pointe, Little Britain USA, The Game, Bolden!, The Dempsey Sisters and more.

Wavyy Jonez is an actor and hip hop artist who has shared the stage with the world renowned 1500 Or Nothing Band, and hip hop veterans, Busta Rhymes, Dub-C of West Coast Connection, and Bone Thug ‘n Harmony.
His consistent determination over the years paid off when he was cast in the role of hip hop icon The Notorious B.I.G. in 10 episodes of the limited series Unsolved for the USA Network. Wavyy is currently starring on HULU’s hit original series, “Reprisal”, streaming now.

Saundrea Lee AKA Lady SDOT Lee is a writer, artist, actor and a woman of many talents. Sdot’s love for music and entertainment began when she started writing poetry. She also has a love for theater and being on stage. She has been in two off Broadway plays, “The Color Purple, and has had a lead role in Motown, “The Berry Gordy story”. As fate would have it, she became immersed in the music scene during her time in NJ/NY, where she was signed to a major record deal in a group, but now she continues making music as a solo artist. She has headlined one of her first tours that was led by “Hitcha off” productions. She also produced her own hip hop show called, “Soul Love Cyphers” that is an extension of her Brand “Soul Love”.

Robert Covington is an actor whose passion is telling stories, in particular, using his life’s story to write an epic. Rob has chosen music, martial arts, sports training, film, communication, and the study of human learning to do just that. Rob got into acting when he was 15 years old and started filming at 18. Since then, Rob has appeared in such films like Frat Brothers (2013), Blackout (2013), Finders Keepers: The Root of All Evil (2013), White Men Can’t Dance (2012), Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009), & Port City PD (2009).

Cuttin Up Talk show is produced by Dominic Santana & Kevin Hall for Santana Hall Productions.

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