Blair and Dan Gossip Girl Break-Up?

Are Blair and Dan heading for Splittsville?
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E! Online is reporting that QUOTE “Something is going to try to come between Dan and Blair soon…but that something isn’t Chuck.”
Now, next week we will see Blair trying to regain her powerful Upper East Side Image… but that’s not what will be coming in between Dan and Blair either. In fact, it’s something much, much different.
While some may think it’s Serena…. I can tell you that S will have a love interest of her own before this season is over….. And according to E!, She QUOTE “may even have more than one.”
And speaking of shocking storylines, in an episode set to air in May, look for Ivy to team up with Lola to help Chuck with some sort of personal vendetta.
I have to know what YOU think — Who or WHAT will break up Dan and Blair… especially if it’s not Chuck?
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