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Published on October 30th, 2020 | by Guest Editor

We’ve all been there, completely devout and faithful to one that we love, only to find out that they haven’t been doing the same. It’s heartbreaking to know that the idea of love completely swept us into this fantasy, all to come crashing down to reality when the our supposed ‘other half’ isn’t even willing to do so. That’s where rising R&B songstress, Britney Quinn, delivers this sensual and powerful single “My Name” today.

Stemming from her own personal experience where Britney Quinn ended up in a one-sided love, it was only after she left that relationship that her partner came calling her up and begging to have another go at the relationship. However, heartbroken and betrayed, there was no way that Britney would ever go back to that relationship and demean herself going back to what broke her heart in the first place. Knowing that she deserved better and that her ex-lover was never going to change, Britney stood up for herself and wrote this single as a reminder to herself and to fans alike that we all deserve true love and faithfulness.




In a city of new and upcoming artists, African-Australian R&B singer-songwriter teen Britney Quinn surfaces with her emotive sound and vocal artistry. With heavy influences from ’90s and 2000s R&B artists such as Rihanna, Ashanti, and Neyo, alongside current artists like Summer Walker, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Ella Mai, Britney continues to reach new heights in her career. The singer, writer, and musician expresses herself through exploring melody, lyrics, and content for her audience to enjoy. Bringing new energy to the music world with her passion and unique vocals, along with her love for creating and being able to share her art through music, her sound is guaranteed to get you in the feels.


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