Giyu Tomioka | Lofi Hip Hop Mix BEATS (2020)

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Naruto Shippuden – Despair (Fiction Remix) SM Releasepe – Guustavv
Copacabana Beach – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
Empty Road – [ocean jams]
Flowers – Yomoti
Knowing – Cushy
Notes – Dylan Sitts
Perpetual Suplex – _91nova
Seasonings – _91nova
Sno – Vaxla
The Sirens of the Lambs – Matt Large
Visitors – Dylan Sitts
What’s Mine Is Yours – Damma Beatz
Giyu Tomioka | Chill Trap, Lofi Hip Hop Mix BEATS (2020)
Giyu Tomioka | Chill Trap, Lofi Hip Hop Mix BEATS (2020)
#Chill Trap
#Lofi Hip Hop
#Best trap
#TRAP 2020

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