Moniece Responds To Rumors She Bleached Her Skin

Moniece has something to say to fans thinking she doesn’t love her melanin.

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“Love and Hip Hop” star Moniece Slaughter wants people to stop accusing her of bleaching her skin and do some research about her ancestors. The actress has been looking a bit lighter than fans are used to seeing her in the last few months, but she’s denying that she has done anything to lighten her pigment.

As Moniece chatted with fans on her live stream, someone accused her of using bleach and she clapped back ferociously, giving viewers a run down of her family tree.

“[I’m] German and Native American. My mother’s father is pure ni**ga. My biological father is Asian and Black. My natural hair color is not black, it is light brown with a twinge of red. Same with my son’s hair. When I get into the sunlight, my eyes are light…damn near see-through.”

Moniece continue to explain the contrast in the color of lips compared to her facial tone.

“My lips are dark because I smoke cigarettes…soooo?? Y’all smoke roaches.”

Hit play to hear her full explanation.

Last year, Moniece said goodbye to the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise after 7 years working with them. Moniece, 33, felt like her focus should be more on raising her son, Kameron.


Moniece posted an unaltered photo of her skin with her shirt lifted to backup her claim she doesn’t bleach her skin.

What do YOU think of all of this bleaching talk?

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