Run DMC – "I’ll personally kick your ass out of hip-hop"

It’s rare that you get to play Jackanory with somebody as game-changing as DMC, but that’s the position FACT found themselves in here.

One third of Run DMC, one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history (and not just for their music, either – their style is still being ripped off today) DMC hung out with us in London to promote Adidas’s new #UniteAllOriginals campaign — check it out here:

The campaign features the surviving members of Run DMC and Canadian producer A-Trak collaborating on new music – a remix of the group’s classic ‘My Adidas’, as you may have guessed – as well as a fan-controlled video. On the above video (part two of two) DMC talks to FACT’s Mr. Beatnick about the problems with American radio and modern hip-hop, about the role Jam Master Jay played in DJ culture, and much more.

Missed part one? You can watch it here:


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