Netflix trailer for Trial 4 about Sean Ellis 1993 case for murder of a cop

Sadly, Black men being wrongly convicted is par for the course in Amerikkka.

Source: Netflix / Netflix

In 1993 Sean Ellis was arrested and charged with murdering a police officer is racist-a$$ Boston. Ellis was a teenager when some cop named Officer Mulligan was killed and being a Black boy in the wrong place at the wrong time had dire consequences that he didn’t deserve. This case was so fraught with shenanigans and cover-ups that he went through, wait for it…THREE trials before a jury finally threw the book at him. Subsequently, Sean spent 22 years of his life in prison and now he wants to be fully exonerated for a crime that he did not commit.

There is now exculpatory evidence that can bring Sean some semblance of restitution and expose the crooked cops who plotted, planned, conspired, and colluded to pin Mulligans’ murder on an innocent Black body.

We all know how Boston gets down so it is VERY easy to believe that the city’s cops would use their badges to terrorize Sean or anyone who looks like him.

Press play to watch the story of Sean Ellis and the fourth trial that might just change his life forever.


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