Adrien Broner Claims He Only Has $13 To His Name, Gets Jailed For Contempt

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Adrien Broner hasn’t seen the inside of a boxing ring in quite some time however he stays in the mix of trouble and bad luck. Almost a year ago boner was ordered to pay over $800k to a sexual assault victim. Instead of paying up Broner has spent the past year living a lavish lifestyle and ending up in more courtrooms. Broner was arrested just two months later during the Deontay Wilder pre-fight weigh-ins. Then he was arrested For DUI In Miami Beach not even two weeks later. Now we are in November and the Judge in his sexual assault case is wondering why he hasn’t paid up yet. According to TMZ, The Judge even used his Instagram to build a case he has the money even tho he claimed to only have $13 to his name.

Broner said in court documents filed last month he only had $13 in cash … but the judge isn’t buying AB’s story and demanded he come clean about his finances.
In fact, the judge pressed Broner on Monday about an IG post from over the weekend in which he’s showing off THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in cash, spread on a table … and bragging as if it belongs to him.

Broner told the judge the money was “sent” to him from rich friends looking to help him out … and he’s not REALLY swimming in cash, like he wants his followers to believe.

When he was questioned about who sends him the kind of money he flaunts on social media he cited Gervonta Davis and promoter Al Haymon had been funding his lifestyle. The Judge lost her patience upon hearing this and ordered him directly to jail for contempt. She refused to let him lie in her face anymore and get away with it.

Watch the full interaction below.

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