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Published on November 3rd, 2020 | by Malcolm “A.S.T.A.T.E” Worsham

Rising Chicago rapper King Von shares his latest video “The Code,” from his debut studio album Welcome To O-Block.

“The Code” is the first-ever collaboration between King Von and fellow Chicago rising star Polo G. Both emcees demonstrate their superlative narrative abilities and keen eyes for detail over a dramatic piano-led instrumental from JTK & DJ Ayo. Directed by DrewFilmedIt, the video for “The Code” finds Von and Polo executing a digital heist and drawing their enemies to an undisclosed location for some street justice.

Get caught, just stick to the code
Got some n****s locked up and they know what they know
My homie lost trial, he’ll be gone for a while
If he give up me then he letting ’em go
He won’t be back on the streets ’til he old
Everyone that he love, they gon’ be gone
I know some niggas that’s quick to give a police a tip
But my n***a, he never folded

Watch the video below.

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