Joe Biden addresses America asking for peace and calm as votes are counted

Joe Biden is looking more and more like the next President of the United States with every new speech.

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

We get it, you’re still very nervous. We’re nervous too but the process is working and votes are being counted as we type this article. Yes, it’s slow. Yes, it’s making society-at-large VERY tense. Yes, we want it to be over already. But let’s all just relax and let it do what it do. That’s the message that Joe Biden delivered when he spoke to the nation today from his home state of Delaware.

Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris spent the afternoon getting updated on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in addition to a briefing on the state of the economy. Unlike Trump, Biden isn’t freaking out. He isn’t sending hyped up followers into the streets to intimidate election officials. He isn’t spreading panic. He is simply speaking to the American people calmly and cooly while we all await the final verdict. We can only imagine that both Joe and Kamala are somewhat tense but making it worse doesn’t help anyone and damn sure won’t make the votes get counted any faster.

Press play below to take in the Vice President’s message and find some peace during this tumultuous time.


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