Blue Ivy Carter To Narrate Matthew A. Cherry’s ‘Hair Love’ Audiobook

Source: (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) / (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love is an amazing and relatable story of an African-American father navigating the task of doing his daughter’s hair for the first time. The animated short film was released to positive reviews from critics and ended up winning an Academy Award in 2020 for the best animated short film. The story would go on to become a book and according to Variety, the project picked the best person possible to narrate.

Blue Ivy Carter, the child of Beyonce and Jay-Z, will narrate the audiobook for “Hair Love,” based on Matthew A. Cherry’s Oscar-winning short film.

Last May, it was released as a children’s book with illustrations by Vashti Harrison. Cherry’s short film — which he wrote, directed and co-produced with Karen Rupert Toliver — will also be developed into an animated TV show at HBO Max called “Young Love,” based on the characters from “Hair Love.”

Cherry announced the news earlier on Twitter with a direct link to the audiobook. This adds to Blue Ivy’s already-amazing list of accomplishments behind the microphone. Also, it’s amazing to see her narrate this story after the immature comments people made about her hair previously on social media.

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